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Sweden: Max Pahmp Compete In New Wave 2017 Semi Final in Moscow, Russia

 Delighted to introduce to you Max Pahmp, one of Sweden’s most talented singer, songwriter who’s video ‘Last Song’ bagged approximately 130,374 views on YouTube, will also be competing in the semi finals for New Wave 2017 next month in the Russian Capital, Moscow.

Read on, to get the full details below.

old Max was at a very young age when he decides to have full passion for music and everything it entails. The singer, songwriter has been selected to participate in the semi final stage in Moscow, Russia which is being held between April 7 and April 8.

He was diagnosed with ALD and Addison’s disease, his mother and him would sit in the different waiting-rooms at the hospital and make up drumbeats on their knees while waiting for the doctors and exams to arrive back.

By the time he turned twelve, he was diagnosed with Diabetes type 1. Shortly after being diagnosed he started attending summer camp for children with diabetes. He eventually grew too old to participate and went on to work as a student counsellor at the camp and have done since each year for the kids.

A couple of years later music had started to grow into such an important part of his life, wanting to be able to create more than just drumbeats he decided to learn the guitar piano and apply for music school where he was admitted at age fifteen.

After finishing music school he wanted te learn more about my own illness ALD so he started working as a disabled-carier for a kid who had the disease. He did that for about a year to take time off school and to get in touch with what he wanted to do in life and music.

Feeling he had started to gain a bit more understanding about himself and his disease he applied for a producing and songwriting school in Örnsköldsvik called Dreamhill where he got accepted. Dreamhill was lead by the world famous producer Anders Bagge who wrote songs for Janet Jackson, Madonna, Celine Dion, Enrique Iglesias, etc.

With absolutely no preconceptions or expectations he went in with only one thing in mind, ‘To learn everything he possibly could so he could strive forward and share his music.’


Last Song